Facts4COP21: INDCs exist for 161 countries responsible for 92% of emissions

Facts4COP21: INDCs exist for 161 countries responsible for 92% of emissions


We have updated our INDC Factsheets webpage with the latest submissions (the most recent addition being that of Saudi Arabia).

As of 17 November 2015, 161 countries responsible for 92% of global emissions have submitted INDCs. Those countries account for 93% of the global population and 97% of global GDP.

However, not every INDC covers 100% of a country's national emissions, some exclude certain sectors, for example. We have calculated that around 81% of global emissions are captured by INDCs.

The UNFCCC Synthesis Report, published on 30 October, took account of INDCs submitted by 30 September only. At that time the UNFCCC estimated that countries responsible for 86% of global emissions had submitted INDCs. Our figures update the UNFCCC numbers.

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